Rock Scene | Max Krieger by Christian Oita


Sailors | Arthur Sales by Ronald Fred, styling by Dário Shoupaiwisky

Ph.: Ronald Fred (EP Models Agency)

Styling: Dário Shoupaiwisky (EP Models Agency)

Beauty: Téo Miranda (EP Models Agency)

Model: Arthur Sales (EP Models Agency)

+ Of The Moda

Dazed & Confused Japan | Jacob Coupe by Lennix

Dazed & Confused Japan | Christian Brylle

Do The Dance – Wild Beasts

I just decided to do something new on PHFORWARD.

Now we can talk about music too, simply because music, fashion and photography are connected –  Do The Dance


Wild Beasts being of the modern, being of the renaissance, being baggy pantsed, being tight pantsed, being in a scene and being in a place.

Wild Beasts bent their backs and leaned hard into their chores, like an old slugger working the ring, the furious fist of fate swung his swing and they took the lot – full on the sweet spot.

They just released the new album “Two Dancers” and it’s awesome.

Wild Beasts Myspace

i-D | Wizards, Witches & Magic by Ellen Rogers

Chá Macabro by Jonathan Wolpert

Chá Macabro by Jonathan Wolpert, Styling: Ana Parisi, Beauty: Téo Miranda, Models: Luana Albuquerque (EP Models) & Kamila Hansen (EP Models), Special Thanks: Espaço Elas.

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